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Analytical options that can be used for a more in-depth analysis:

  • The following are some examples of analytical vehicles that can be suggested to further enhance the research findings, where applicable:

      • Driver Analysis

        • A driver analysis is a statistical technique which is used for measuring the impact of underlying factors on the overall view of a topic.
        • For example, it can identify which elements of customer care have the most influence on overall opinions of a service. The elements with the most impact are called “key drivers” of service satisfaction. The results help managers highlight marketing and development priorities.
      • TURF Analysis (Totally Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)

        • A TURF Analysis is most commonly used to determine the optimal reach of various flavors/ideas in a product line. 
        • It is used to help understand which alternative flavors will provide the greatest reach as a new flavor is added to the product line.  The TURF Analysis looks at all possible combinations of a product line and provides the reach for one of the possible combinations. 
      • Price Sensitivity Model

        • The pricing model can be used when introducing a new product to the market to determine an acceptable range to price the product. 
        • Identify your product's pricing thresholds.
      • Conjoint Analysis
        • Used to identify benefits that drive products.


      • Discreet Choice Analysis
        • Understand the impact of changing benefits/attributes to a product in the marketplace.

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