Brand Tracking

  • A way to continuously measure a brands development within some key metrics: Awareness, Usage, Attitudes, Behaviors, etc.
  • All metrics can also be compared to key competitors over time to measure any shifts in behaviors and perceptions
  • Easily track industry trends and competitors’ movements

Customer Satisfaction

  • Understand where a brand stands in terms of customer loyalty
  • Measure how satisfied your customers are, in order to identify areas of strengths and opportunities

New Concept, Product & Package Testing

  • Identify interest for new products & services among your target audience prior to introducing to market
  • Measure receptivity toward a new package design among the brands consumer before making any changes that may disadvantage or confuse current customers

Brand Awareness, Attitude, Usage & Behaviors

  • Understand a market and identify growth opportunities by identifying whom to target, with what and how
  • General Category Understanding (who uses what/when/how/where), Understand Brand Perceptions, Information for Targeting (attitudinal & behavioral)

Sensory Testing

  • Identify the best recipe or flavor profile before bringing new product to market that will be acceptable among the greatest number of consumers
  • Before changing an existing product, ensure that any modification does not disadvantage existing customers

Price Elasticity Study

  • Consumer price expectations and tolerances are measured in a straightforward and simple way by asking a carefully crafted set of price perception questions
  • Identify pricing thresholds for a new product or product line extension among the target market
  • The model does not produce one price, but a range of prices to demonstrate the price elasticity for the product

Advertising Testing

  • Determine an ad's effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback, and behavior
  • Will the new campaign do a better job driving customers to the brand than any current methods
  • Identify the emotional behavior drivers of your communication through the new emotional evaluation process

Web Site Experience Testing

  • Identify the impact of a brands landing page– first impression
  • Understand the overall experience on the website, ease of navigation & effectiveness of brand communication

Identify Your Customer's Journey

  • Understand the decision path the your customer or potential customer takes in making a decision to purchase your product
  • Understand how you can impact that process for your benefit