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The following steps should be thought through before deciding on moving forward with a marketing research project. Marketing research is an aid to marketing judgment. 

If you have identified a problem, our project directors can guide you through the steps and help you make the correct business decision for you and your business.

Step 1:
Define the problem - either your problem or your customer’s problem.

Step 2:
Hypothesize different reasons for the problem.

Step 3:
Decide what actions you would take for each reason you have hypothesized. 

  • If none of these marketing solutions (actions) is practical or affordable - STOP!
  • If one or more of these marketing solutions you have identified is something you can and will consider - CONTINUE!

Step 4:
Compare the costs that would result from the wrong decision vs. the cost of marketing research for reducing the business risk. 

Once a plan of action is identified, a Chudnoff Associates project director will work with you and your team from start to finish; from the study objectives, to questionnaire development, to data collection, to analyzing the data and finally presenting you with a final report including our recommendations for the future.

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