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  • The Fast Track Product Sensory Development Program gives consumers the opportunity evaluate new products in an environment that allows the culinary team to make immediate product modifications while in field.

  • Products are fine-tuned in an iterative quantitative/qualitative process in order to develop the best possible product to subsequently test in a quantitative environment.

Program Benefits:

  • The program has been proven very successful in identifying product modification requirements and identifying successful product introductions.

  • From test to in-market within weeks!
    • Fast turn-around results. Preliminary quantitative results are delivered within days of the end of field, and a complete final report available within a week.

  • Utilizes your product sensory research budget more efficiently
    • Saves research resources against a potentially weak product.
    • Pre-test new sensory products prior to a full scale product test.

  • Utilize a full commercial test kitchen and reach a national sample.
  • Provides preliminary operational test to determine if product builds can be efficiently and effectively produced in a real-time restaurant style environment.
    • Provides operational insights into the product line and product preparations in structuring the product build.

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