In-house bank of 40+ tablets

  • Allows for interviewing virtually anywhere.
  • Reliable Wi-Fi system accompanies tablets that can be used in just about any market or venue.

"In the Moment"…
A mobile geo-location

  • Transforms survey research from recall-based to in the moment--> “research without research”.
  • There is a growing interest across the industry in exploring consumer testing alternatives that will not impact a customers experience in the restaurant or store. ‘In the moment’ geo-intercepts offers the perfect non research solution.
  • This type of intercept targets research participants at the point when they enter, exit or dwell in a store for a period of time in the geo-fence.
  • These participants have already opted into a research panel making resistance to participating in the survey minimal.
  • This type of testing can be used across many different areas including packaging, menu satisfaction, product awareness, exit interviews, store experience/satisfaction, advertising awareness, etc.


  • Product/Concept Optimization Program… From test to in-market in weeks!
  • Gives consumers the opportunity to evaluate new products and concepts in an environment that allows the Marketing/Consumer Insights team to make immediate product/concept modifications while in field.
  • Products/Concepts are fine-tuned in an iterative quantitative/ qualitative process in order to develop the best possible concept to subsequently test in a quantitative environment.
  • The testing is conducted in a single central location facility reaching a national sample.

Qualitative Lab – Chudnoff's Focus Group Suite

  • Provides opportunity to conduct deep dives to better understand quantitative insight results or to develop new product/concepts economically.