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• Chudnoff Associates has developed a new technology to make on-site testing or testing at any location a much more efficient process overall via mobile surveying.

• The new technology allows interviewing to be conducted among respondents by utilizing their own smartphone or tablet to easily access a live survey. 

• This new process can be used as an interviewing tool for all types of surveys including but not limited to awareness and attitude surveys, behavioral assessments, advertising awareness, product evaluation, training program evaluations, trade show receptivity, in restaurant testing, menu satisfaction studies, management evaluation programs, etc.

• By utilizing this new technology there are no costly equipment expenses which makes it a very cost effective program, providing a time efficient method of turning around data.  Real-time topline data will be made available throughout the test, with a final report following one week after close of testing.

Program Benefits:

  • Up & Coming Technology
    • Respondents will utilize their smartphone or tablet to access an app that will scan/read a QR code, which will take them directly to the survey. As an alternative, a survey URL can also be typed into a browser.
  • Enjoyable User Experience
    • Technology makes it more appealing for respondents to participate and may increase completion rates.
    • The interface ensures that when a respondent opens a survey on their smartphone, it is automatically opened up into a smartphone-friendly format.  Instead of tiny radio buttons that work on a PC, but are awkward on a touch-screen, the survey will take on characteristics that provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

  • Real-time data available
    • Topline data will be available in real-time so you can easily watch the progress of guests responses.  
    • Full report of findings are presented in one week of close of testing.
    • Quotas can easily be controlled.
  • Questioning Flexibility
    • Closed end and open-end questions can be included.
    • Questions can be easily and quickly manipulated globally, any time before or during fielding.
  • Highly cost effective program
    • No expensive equipment costs. Respondents would be using their own devices to participate in the survey.  
    • Respondents can be recruited almost anyplace (in-restaurant, in home, in malls, on the job, etc.) so no need to pay expensive pre-recruit/incentive costs to identify and elicit respondent opinions.

Versatile Program – Unlimited Testing Applications:

  • Restaurant Guest Feedback Programs
    • Menu Evaluation
    • New Menu Item Evaluation
    • In-Restaurant Sensory Testing
    • Retail Guest Feedback Programs
    • Guest Satisfaction
    • Mystery Shopping – Service/Experience Evaluation
    • Trading Area Surveys
    • New Concept Evaluation
    • Ideation programs
    • Consumer Research Programs
    • Awareness/Trial/Usage Programs
    • Attitude and Usage Studies
    • Pricing Evaluation
    • Product Satisfaction
    • New Product Development
  • Management Feedback Programs
    • Manager’s Attitudes towards new products/promotions
    • Manager Ideation programs
    • Manager’s Attitudes toward Operation Changes
    • Managers Evaluation of Training Materials
    • Managers Evaluation of Sales Programs
    • Employee Evaluation Programs
    • Corporate Communication Programs
    • Evaluation of Benefits Programs
    • Employee Recognition Evaluation
    • Management /Employee Relations
    • Employee Training Programs



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